•  Good website architecture involves a well thought out plan for ease of use, aesthetic presentation and technical efficiency. It is the foundation and structure that your design is built upon. 

  • There are many ways to define beauty in web design... beauty in simplicity, beauty in arrangement, beauty in detail, beauty in ease of use, beautiful colors and elements.

  • Whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, small business or animal rescue organization, we'll craft a custom, personalized web presence that speaks directly to your target audience.

Our Web Design Offerings

  • Do you love Wordpress? So do we!

    We love Wordpress! It's our number one platform for small business web sites. It's incredibly easy to use whether your site is for personal blogging or building a business. It also has a huge community of users to share ideas with and get help from. If you're interested in building an online boutique in Wordpress, we specialize in Woocommerce. 

  • If Joomla's your thing... we do that too.

    Joomla has become one of our go-to choices for web development because of the wide-ranging opportunities for customization.  Joomla is often thought of as being geared towards advanced users who want that extra edge. We make Joomla friendly for everyone.  

  • Online store or boutique? Absolutely...

    We are ecommerce experts specializing in WooCommerce, Hikashop and Shopify. We have also worked extensively with osCommerce, and Opencart. Whether you're interested in an upgrade, a redesign, or a brand new online boutique.. we can help you choose a platform and get the job done for you. 

  • Shopify... our newest ecommerce platform.

    We're very excited to share that we've recently joined the Shopify Partner and Development team. Shopify is known to be one of the easiest ecommerce shops to run. It has tons of template options, is solid and well supported, and the Shopify team is dedicated to helping your business become a success! 

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  • Leslie Fournier

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    I think there's a little bit of an entrepreneur in every one of us. Turning your passion into your dream business is exciting, admirable and also very brave! I, too, have experienced the work and the worries, and the unparalleled excitement of seeing your dream come true. I’d be happy to help make this dream a reality for you through the creation of a compelling and memorable website, converting your online visitors into happy customers.

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